First Road Enclosure around the office of President, Republic of China (Taiwan)
shall be arraged for the folk activity

    The Executive Yuan Sports Affairs Council to provide Chinese Taipei to the Deaflympic Games bicycle-drawn
trailer training team contestants to participate in the international sports event's opportunity, as well as assists to
carry on in 2009 Deaflympic Games entire Taiwan propaganda, freezing design Republic of China listens to the
bonding sports association to handle in 2008 international deaf bicycle-drawn trailer link Taiwan invitational
tournament, estimated that invites 2005 Melbourne Deaflympic Games bicycle-drawn trailer competition result 
leading group the country, like whole world of strength apex French, Czechoslovakian, Italian, American, South
African and the Australian deaf contestants to come to Taiwan to participate, in addition the Chinese Taipei
bicycle-drawn trailer team outstanding person contestants, contend the link Taiwan 5 substations together as well 
5 stand the total champion gold cup.
    Such splendid as well as such rich significance activity, how can we absent? Invites everybody, specially the
Chinese Taipei Deaflympic Games to train the team the training and the contestants, (Sunday) 8:00 am goes to the
presidential palace on November 2, refuels for various countries' contestant inflates, also cheers for our Taiwan's
contestant, lets them feel our Taiwan people, specially deaf friend's enthusiasm. Before the same day is the link
Taiwan match warm body match, various countries' contestant lifts the link around the presidential palace
Chongjingna road, Aiguoxi road, Zhonghua road section to carry on with the Baojing road the press way. We most
graceful apex contestant Zheng Huai will lead 4 Chinese Taipei contestants to present, strives for the good result
with all one's strength, wins for the motherland.
    Home production bicycle-drawn trailer's specialized cart yard Merida Company, the Industrial corporation,
will support the equipment and the equipment which the congress as well as the Chinese Taipei teams need, causes
the congress to add the brilliance, the brilliance more may the time. Asks everybody to visit the conference
site earlier by all means must in November 2, a participation historical quarter, and joins together to accomplish
a great task.


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