From November 1, 2008 to 8th, the Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf first time to invite the global
strength most apex the deaf bicycle-drawn trailer contestant, come to Taiwan to participate in 2008 Tour de
Formosa Invitation of the Deaf. These contestants respectively are come from France's David Cloux, Bernard
Barugola, comes from US's Trevor Kosa, Nick Schreiber, comes from Czechoslovakia's Josef Merunka, Pavel
Pastrnek, comes from South Africa's Terence Parkin, Ashley Abrahamas, comes from Australia's Reece Vanbeek
and host country Chinese Taipei's Cheng Huai, Lin Chung-Cl, Li Chung-Yu, Chiu Chi-Chua, Lai Chien-Hao,
altogether 14 contestants. Except the Chinese Taipei contestants, these contestants once in 2005 Melbourne
Deaflympic Games and 2006 San Francisco world Deaf bicycle-drawn trailer championship tournament to
obtain superiorly, the strength is strong. And what is most special comes from South Africa's Terence Parkin,
he was in 2000 the Sydney Olympic Games swimming silver medal new owner, also in 2005 Melbourne
Deaflympic Games to win many swimming gold medals, before the competition, obtains Taiwan news media the
This competition various countries contestant and group leader the concurrently training's overall cost, spends
including back and forth the airplane tickets, in Taiwan traffic allowance, food lodging allowance and safe insurance
premium and so on, are the Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf to pay. The Italian teams also receive
originally invite to participate, but because of relation work question, Italian team when the competition ended only
then arrives at Taipei, is unable to participate, is a pity really (Italian team's airplane tickets expense back and forth
by the the Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf payment).
We conduct this competition's goal to have two:First, we hoped that strongest listens because of the invitation
world strength to bond the bicycle-drawn trailer contestant to participate, provides Chinese Taipei young
bicycle-drawn trailer contestant one to observe and emulate the study the opportunity, i.e., we regard as the
link Taiwan match are one kind include the training nature competition.
Second, handles this competition's at the same time, may also 2009 Taipei Deaflympic Games to carry on the
entire Taiwan's propaganda, takes advantage of this the promotion to Deaflympic Games in Taiwan's popularity,
attracts Taiwan all people to participate in 2009 Deaflympic Games.
In November 2, we the path hold the warm body match around the presidential palace, the presidential palace the
square hold specially for this competition before the front door the press conference, this expressed that Republic of
China Government to listens to bond the sports the value and the support. At the press conference has many
newspapers and television reporter participates, and crowded to various countries' contestant interview and the
report, the scene is grand. The competition starts from November 3 to November 8, altogether divides into 5 stations
to surround Taiwan, the first station entire journey 153 kilometers, the second station is 170 kilometers, the third
station is 180 kilometers, the fourth station is 170 kilometers, the fifth war is 120 kilometers. All contestants
altogether surrounded Taiwan in five days to ride 793 kilometers, no matter hot sun insolation or rain cats and dogs,
no matter the very straight path or the curving mountain road, they marched forward courageously, each people very
much enjoyed the competition, and happy in which. Every one stands we to issue the first three medals, the
certificate, the prize and the champion mourning clothes. Accumulates two stands the above integral, the leading
contestant other awards the yellow unlined upper garment. The result five stands the total champion is obtains by
American contestant Nick Schreiber, as soon as soon as he altogether wins three station championships, to stand
\second and stands third, we award value 2000 dollar US and Libya to reach the bicycle rack specially to give
him; Second for South African contestant Terence Parkin, he altogether wins a station championship, two to stand
second and two stands third; The third new owner is US's Trevor Kosa, as soon as soon as he obtains stands
second, two to stand third and stands fourth. The related result, the picture and the report please check over one by
one to
This competition contestant only then 14 people, but the staff and the referee will be near 100 people, entire Taiwan
assistance traffic control's police have 5000 people, altogether uses more than 30 jeeps and the police vehicle,
provides the highest quality service together for the contestant and the safest attendance. This competition obtains
various counties municipal government and news media coordination with all one's strength, the public television
entire journey interview reported that each station embarking ceremony also attracts the locality to listen to bond the
friend to come various countries contestant to refuel inflates, Taiwan people's touch of humanity and listens to bond
cultural the force development, lets the contestant who comes from various countries be moved deeply. When
moves finished, various countries' group leaders unanimously expressed the hope will later continue to conduct such
competition, the Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf also to agree that the future conducts every two
years one time, we anticipated that it will be becomes the Deaflympic Games bicycle racing and World Cup deaf
outside the bicycle racing, another bicycle-drawn trailer grand meeting, will become the whole world deaf social
groups the traditional activity, the next link Taiwan match will subscribe temporarily in 2010 holds. But, this part
needs to discuss and make arrangements again with ICSD, after reaching the mutual recognition, can handle.

All participates in 2008 Tour de Formosa Invitation of the Deaf the friends agreed that this is a very successful
competition, the Chinese Taipei is honored very much that we can make international deaf sports business
contribution mental effort, anticipated that for can be able to make a bigger contribution.

Secretary General,Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf
CEO, 2008 Tour de Formosa Invitation of the Deaf



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